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How safe are your car’s tyres?

Keeping safe on the road is not only about being an alert and cautious driver, it is also about making sure that your car is always in tip-top condition. An essential part of that is ensuring that your tyres are in a roadworthy condition – after all, the tyres are the point of contact between your vehicle and the road.

Rory Judd Sat Aug 16 2014

The greatest possible pitfalls in investment planning

Investors need to think in terms of taking responsibility for their investments, rather than being “victims” of their investment circumstances. The term “victim” is used in many instances and in the financial world we hear of victims of investment schemes, victims of inflation, victims of poor planning and so on. But what if the word victim did not exist and the notion and culture of being a victim disappeared? If we are not a victim of something, we must take responsibility for it. While this may seem challenging, it is also highly empowering.

Patrick Barker Wed Jul 02 2014

How your insurance cover should grow up with you

Growing older means a lot of things change, including responsibilities, assets you own and the lifestyle you live. As you progress to different life stages, your insurance cover should change with you, so that wherever you are in life, you are adequately covered.

Rory Judd Mon Jun 23 2014

Manufacturing business confidence slumps

According to the Bureau for Economic Research’s (BER) 2014Q2 Manufacturing Survey, manufacturing business confidence plunged to its lowest level since the current cyclical upswing that started in 2009. Business confidence fell sharply to 25 index points in the second quarter of 2014, down from 41 in the first quarter. The fall in confidence was supported by a deterioration in most of the underlying survey indicators.

Brent Wilson Thu Jun 19 2014

Know thyself - Intelligent investing requires introspection

“The Intelligent Investor” is a seminal text on value investing written by Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffett’s mentor) in 1949. Its content has been applied and debated for the last six decades.

Paul Cluer Wed Jun 11 2014